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Analysis of glass bottles leakage

With the enhancement of environmental awareness for the human, glass products are widely used, but there are also some disadvantages, leakage problem has gradually become the focus. Everything has opposite sides and there is no way to avoid it.

ol bottle

The reasons for the leakage of the packaging container glass oral liquid with the aluminum cap are as follows:


The Corrosion of aging mainly exists in the aluminum cap, and the bottle cap has not been tightened or tighten the seal too much and stress the cap. The product in the bottle is decomposed to produce the Olefin gas, which intensifies the stress on the cap, resulting in the broken of the aluminum cap.

2.The glass container is incompatible with the product

The product usually produces a certain amount of gas, which reacts with the glass bottle and corrodes the aluminum cap, causing the cap to loosen and the water vapor to enter the bottle and dilute the product. This is the main reason for the problem of packing.

3.Tightening torque of cap is not uniform

There is only a sealing surface between oral liquid aluminum cap and glass bottle mouth. The composite gasket made of polytetrafluoroethylene and butyl rubber is hard and must be tightened to ensure the sealing between the cap and the mouth of the bottle. Due to the manual operation of the product packaging, tightening torque is not uniform for different people operating, resulting in the different sealing effect.

4. The quality problems for the glass bottles.

Oral liquid glass bottles are the tube-type bottles, produced by semi-mechanical and semi-artificial, which are affected by human factors , and have poor uniformity. The quality cannot be guaranteed.

Post time: May-26-2020