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European city network joins “glass closed loop”

European city network joins “glass closed loop”

The European cities network – representing more than 140 largest cities in European and the management organization of more than 45 European-level partner cities – has joined the “glass closed loop” (stakeholders in the glass packaging cycle economy partnership).Glass closed loop currently consists of FEVE (federation of European glass containers), FERVER (federation of European glass recyclers), EXPRA, UNESDA (European non-alcoholic beverage industry trade association) and the European city waste association. European city network and glass closed loop will work together to improve the collection and recycling of post-consumption glass packaging in city areas.


Today, everyone in society is required to take responsibility for the environment, which includes collecting, recycling and reusing packaging. Cities face unique challenges in glass collection, and the choices they make can have a profound impact on the quantity and quality of post-consumption recycled glass.

Post time: May-07-2020