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  • Glass container “alkali separation “ and prevention

    Glass container “alkali separation “ and prevention The sales of glass containers (bottles and jars) will have off-season and peak season, so there will be some product overstock. During the product inventory period, due to the glass container itself and the condition of the product stock, ...
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  • Analysis of glass bottles leakage

    With the enhancement of environmental awareness for the human, glass products are widely used, but there are also some disadvantages, leakage problem has gradually become the focus. Everything has opposite sides and there is no way to avoid it. The reasons for the leakage of the packaging conta...
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  • European city network joins “glass closed loop”

    European city network joins “glass closed loop” The European cities network – representing more than 140 largest cities in European and the management organization of more than 45 European-level partner cities – has joined the “glass closed loop” (stakeholders ...
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  • Spray method for glass bottle

    Spray method for glass bottle

    Generally, glass bottle spray production line has spray home, hanging chain and oven. Glass bottle need to be treated with water before sprayed, a particular concern for glass bottles is sewage discharge. The glass bottle spraying quality is related to the water treatment, the surface cleaning of...
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  • How to choose a better glass  bottle?

    How to choose a better glass bottle?

      l. Listen the sound. You can hear the different sounds when you flick the craft glass bottle and glass products with your finger. The tone of crystal material is higher that makes you feel the sound lingering around. However, the tone of common glass products is lower, no echo. 2.Feel the...
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  • Glass Production Process

    Glass Production Process

    The glass bottle production process mainly includes: 1, raw material pre-processing. The block raw materials(quartz sand, soda, limestone, feldspar, etc.) are crushed to dry the wet raw materials and iron containing raw materials are removed to ensure glass quality. 2, preparation of ingredients....
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